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McGonagall: Are the rumours true, Albus?Dumbledore: I’m afraid so, Professor. The good and the bad.

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Ok. So the Harry Potter fandom is one of the largest there is here on this website. And we’ve been starved of books and films for way too fucking long quite a few years. Now there is a massive fan film coming up, for those of you who don’t know, called The Gathering Storm. It’s a film based in the Marauders era. From what I’ve seen, it’s looking really really good, and the cast is PERFECT. But here is the thing. They need $40,000 by Tuesday, April 22, 2014. If they don’t get it by then, this probably won’t happen. So I’m begging all those of you who can, to DONATE. If you can’t donate, atleast reblog this post so more people can know of it. 
I’m calling on all of you Potterheads for your support, because I know this is a massive fandom, and we can really help this happen. 
Come on you guys, if tumblr can get someone a fluffy chicken, we can definitely make this happen.DONATE IF YOU CAN AND REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG AND WE MIGHT HAVE A FANFILM SOON.

Come on you guys, just 12 days left!

If everyone who reblogged/liked this dropped in a dollar or two, we’d be done! We can only pull this off with your help, guys!




Pleeeeease guys, only 5 days to go and they still need $15,000, if everyone who sees and wants to support this just donates $1 they could reach their budget!